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In the western part of Singapore,

There’s a place where we belong,

Where we train to be a specialist,

That is SISPEC!… 

11 days of break just flew past so fast. But at least I had the rest, the fun, the slack and all the other things I wanted to do and buy. It’s going to be another 5 or maybe 14 months of training in the days ahead. I will not want to waste my time away anymore. Do my best and strive for the best!

“People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. We must present something of equal value in order to gain something.” – Principle of equivalent trade in alchemy

From the anime, Full Metal Alchemist


Time is running too fast for me to catch up.

The Western Lawn (Grey)
Finally. After so many years…

encounter this situation where you have so many things on the list that you don’t know which one to start with first?

Well, I’m facing it. I seriously have too much things to do. Shrugs. Maybe I’m being ambitious too, or impatient. Sigh. I need to come up with a better plan. And more to the list are: finish reading my HWM Nov! It’s no point reading a November issue on December, isn’t it. That shall be task tonight, together with Straits Times.

And to mention, Oliver Twist is a pretty decent movie, much better than I expected. Initially I thought it will be a boring and dull literature and kiddy show, but it turned out to be quite good.

Okay enough of my rants. Time to start my taskS.

It has ended, finally. So it’s another beginning to start with now.

With lots of plans ahead, just to list a few here.

  1. Clean up room
  2. Clear websites in bookmarks
  3. Haircut
  4. Do pullup / situp / squat thrust daily
  5. Find out about paypal, ebay, debit card etc
  6. Sell away Creative headphones / ADSL Modem / Sony Monitor and more…
  7. Get FMP and Bleach from ZY
  8. Get Powershot A610, maybe
  9. Get a job and earn at least $600 before becoming a NS boy

… and the list just goes on.

More updates later.

Happy Holidays!

I never knew that the identify of a hangman is a secret. But now, it’s not a secret anymore. Singapore’s chief executioner is Mr Darshan Singh. From the photograph, he just look like those uncle selling roti prata. Who in this world will have thought that he is actually Singapore’s Mr Hangman?! So next time if you see him on the street, don’t “pray pray” with him k, or you may become his next task! Read More »

Somehow I’m interested in this lately. I just bought HWM Megaguide online just now. It cost only $12 for me, so why not? I went to Times to browse through the content in the book yesterday, and I think it’s fine. It should be of help when I starting picking up photography after A levels. I also went for camera hunting online these days. Went to check out many cameras and actually learnt quite abit about digitial cameras. I’m keen on buying Canon PowerShot A610, hopefully it will be available on the upcoming Sitex 2005. It has got manual controls, so I guess that will help me in learning more about photography, rather than just using those ultra-compact ones where maunal controls are not available, except for Canon Ixus 50 & 55? I’m not very sure on that. Even so, Ixus 50 & 55 are way far too expensive for me. So I guess Powershot A610 should be the most suitable one for now.

Well, til then, it’s time to study again.

My my, I’m impressed by these japanese inventions. Japanese are indeed the most creative and innovative gang. Look at these cool gadgets man.

USB Sake 1USB Sake 2

USB SushiUSB Prawn

Beautiful isn’t it? And one more thing, they are also very smart to use an iBook to market their products too!

I think I’m too obessed with animes. It’s like a daily affair for me now. I keep visiting Animesuki and checking for updates. I think I’m crazy. A levels is just so near! I really got to start panicking. I got to promise myself to stop doing this, for my own good.

Anyway, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid just ended. Haha. I personally feel that the lambda driver is quite dumb. Only when Chidori appear then suddenly Sousuke can activate it effectively, and he finished off the 5 venoms so quickly. They should have prolonged the battle man. That’s what fmp is about, isn’t it! Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I will be waiting for the 3rd series. In 6 months time, according to some forums that I came across.

It’s late. Time for bed.

One of my favourite photos for the day.

with ms ng